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Hello, my name is Coach Sonia

My passion and goal is to help you change your life, make the changes you need, and to live in full emotional, financial, professional and spiritual fulfillment. Follow me on social network for free advice. If you want to go further my E-Shop is there for you !

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Le témoignage de la coach Sonia parle de lui même. Elle a vécu des situations que beaucoup d'entre nous ne vivront jamais. Après avoir vu, vécu et vaincue, elle partage au travers de ses services pour les particuliers et les entreprises les clés pour avoir du succès et un plein épanouissement.

one to one coaching

You have enough that your complexes and the opinions of people that dictate your life ? You want a better life?

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Public Speaking

Coach Sonia is a mass motivator. If you want her to be a speaker at your event. Send a message to contact@coach-sonia.com

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Group Coaching

Your team leaders need a refreshed motivation? Your organization need your partner

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You want to find peace and Joy ? It’s possible with Coach Sonia !

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Coach Sonia Vlog

Dare to know you are

Dare to know who you are is the theme of this capsule. Listen to the life changing message of Lady Sonia !

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How to heal from a broken heart

Whether it is because of a fiance or a loved one we will all experience a broken heart. Coach Sonia explains how to get out of...

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Being free indeed

Being free indeed is more than a dream. This can become your reality and the Coach Sonia is here to guide you step by step...

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Coach Sonia is a high-level intellectual woman whose teachings and messages have helped me through very difficult times in my life. I felt trapped, confused and worthless. When I discovered Coach Sonia by a friend who recommended her Facebook page I got a new impetus, hope and when I took the coaching sessions in one on one and that I applied his methods and his teachings, I regained an extraordinary confidence in myself. I made peace with myself and my audacity made a leap that was felt in my promotions and my engagement. Today I flourish in all aspects of my life. Thank you are a real Lady.


When I discovered the "12 Secrets of Blossoming," I realized that it was a new concept and totally different from anything that resembled the tricks I had heard of before. It was refreshing and exciting at the same time; I immediately apply these methods in my life. This is where I experienced an incredible upheaval in my life. I am so happy to have met this remarkable woman who always has this joy of life but whose discipline gives you tangible results. I have recommended it to all my friends and many are delighted.


The most inspiring life coaches and mentors I have been given to meet. She understands you by what she really experienced what you are going through. She knows your pain and your challenges are not new to her. She experienced them and managed to get by. She is therefore able to help people get out of all these galleys. She did a monumental job in me. I had lost the taste of life and all landmark, I no longer even knew who I was and I no longer believed in anything. But she pulled me out of the gulf. She is a real gift.


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A life changing experience

My life is no longer
the same…

Through the course “the art of loving” I acquired knowledge that allowed me to be more fulfilled as a woman. I discovered the place where all the games are played, but also how to maintain the atmosphere of my home.

Love is an art and thanks to this box, I became an expert in the matter. I recommend the Coach Sonia courses to all those who wish to move on to a new dimension as a woman but also as a couple.

by Leslie Keta

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