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Personnal Coaching

Are you tired of this perpetual malaise? You have enough that your complexes and the opinions of one and the other dictate your life? You do not want to sigh after a better life? Are you tired of continuing to live as a victim of the trauma that keeps you from knowing who you are and where you are? Tired of undergoing life rather than living? Tired of the failures that paralyze you and be manipulated by what you do not know who you are? If you answer yes to only one of these questions then the answer to your search is here: Coach Sonia will accompany you so that your complexes of inferiority no longer have any control over you and your life.

It will show you that what you seek seeks you, and that the chromosomes that God has placed in you are not by chance. You will be accompanied in a practical way to discover the reason of your presence on earth, and your destiny. Here’s the unique opportunity to become the one you’ve always dreamed of being in just two hours of intense coaching. The price for this session is 990€

Step 1

Make the decision that a change is necessary in your life and accept that you need help to get there.

Step 2

Contact the Coach Sonia team via the contact form by clicking HERE

Step 3

Appointment dates and a payment link will be sent to you. Upon receipt of payment, an email summarizing the procedure will be sent to you for coaching with the Coach Sonia..