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Public Speaking

Public Speakingg

Coach Sonia is often invited to different parts of Africa and France to teach, coach, mentor and hold public speaking sessions in churches, conferences and one on one sessions with people battling depression, facing suicidal thoughts and facing hardships in relationships or business. Do you want the Electric Coach Sonia to speak at your conference or church and want people to benefit from her 12 Secrets of Blossom?

Transformation is encountered in the capacity of words. I empower lives with life enabling words suitable for spiritual development, emotional intelligence, business success and capability development. Invite me to fire up your team to a fresh start of progress and success.

Step 1

Contact the coach sonia by clicking HERE. Do not forget to specify the date and place of your event.

Step 2

Coach Sonia team will contact you to give you her availability and the procedure to follow in order for her to intervene at your event.