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Successful stories


Coach Sonia is a high-level intellectual woman whose teachings and messages have helped me through very difficult times in my life. I felt trapped, confused and worthless. When I discovered Coach Sonia by a friend who recommended her Facebook page I got a new impetus, hope and when I took the coaching sessions in one on one and that I applied his methods and his teachings, I regained an extraordinary confidence in myself. I made peace with myself and my audacity made a leap that was felt in my promotions and my engagement. Today I flourish in all aspects of my life. Thank you are a real Lady.


When I discovered the "12 Secrets of Blossoming," I realized that it was a new concept and totally different from anything that resembled the tricks I had heard of before. It was refreshing and exciting at the same time; I immediately apply these methods in my life. This is where I experienced an incredible upheaval in my life. I am so happy to have met this remarkable woman who always has this joy of life but whose discipline gives you tangible results. I have recommended it to all my friends and many are delighted.


The most inspiring life coaches and mentors I have been given to meet. She understands you by what she really experienced what you are going through. She knows your pain and your challenges are not new to her. She experienced them and managed to get by. She is therefore able to help people get out of all these galleys. She did a monumental job in me. I had lost the taste of life and all landmark, I no longer even knew who I was and I no longer believed in anything. But she pulled me out of the gulf. She is a real gift.